Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Writing Magic

Something magical happened in my classroom today. Earlier this week one of my students brought a story to class that he has been working on for a few months. He proudly announced that it was finally finished and he wanted to share it with the class. How could I turn that down?

Yesterday he shared his story with the class. After he read, he asked for questions and comments. The kids asked great questions: why he wrote about a snowgirl, why he included his grandma in the story, and also asked how he got the idea...all things that people ask authors all the time! And the author had great answers.

When he was finished one of the kids asked me if they could all have a book like his to write stories in. Sounded good to me!

Today after DEAR I handed out the books and said we could have a few minutes before science.

They started in on feverish writing.

Serious. Feverish. I don't usually see writing like this out of these kids.

Then our AP dropped by and happened to notice what was going on. They were thrilled to tell her about their stories.
The most interesting part of it all was to see how they naturally collaborated. One was stuck for ideas, so she sat by someone else and read the story and received some ideas. One doesn't know how to draw dirt bikes, so he employed the skills of another student. Collaborating was something they clearly wanted to do, and didn't even think to ask if it was okay. It was just a natural part of the writing process.
I can't wait to see what else happens with all of this.


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