Monday, January 6, 2014

Ed Tech PD Day

Today was a wild ride. It wasn't easy being back to work. As I made my way to our high school for our PD Day I thought having a day like this on the first day back is crazy. Then I got listening to the Key Note speaker, George Couros, and I got excited. He was a fabulous speaker! He had some great stories, some fabulous examples of effectively using technology in education, and was very entertaining. Lovely day!

During the second session I went to an iPad session and learned about a  couple more apps. It was very energizing as well. It's amazing how little by little I've become better at the iPad! Today I learned about Tellagami and Perfect Video. I made a video for my students for tomorrow while I have a sub for some additional PD with George Couros.

During the last hour I presented. By this time, man was I tired. It is rough being back to work! (I know....whine whine)

My topic was reading and technology. My slides are here.

My goals from the PD Day are to start a blog for writing with my students (and I didn't even attend a blogging workshop....although George did talk about that a bit). I think it'll provide an authentic audience for my students, and hopefully, help them be motivated to be even better writers.

I also plan to blog more myself, and continue to implement tech tools into my classroom routines. My next thing to learn is how to use QR codes to share our science projects.

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