Saturday, January 11, 2014

Best Things About This Week

Time to reflect on great things about this past week? Thank you Ruth Ayres Writes for the idea!

Tech PD 

Our PD day was amazing. I got a little extra on Tuesday morning because I'm part of the tech committee. Then on our Early Dismissal day on Friday we did some more tech PD. It was all very enlightening and helpful. 

Here are some other great things about this week:

Fresh Fruit Friday

We have an amazing parent group at our school. They do a lot. Once a month they buy some kind of fruit or veggie for kids to try. This week it was pomelo. It was a big hit!

Short Sickness

At the end of the break I was starting to feel a tickle in my throat. Monday afternoon, at our PD day! it got me! and it got me good!! I powered with Cold medicine and continued on. This was a nasty one though. I've rarely felt so miserable. The miracle is that by Friday it was gone! I can't even say rest did it. I had a busy week with something every night to keep me out later than I should have been out. I was so surprised Wednesday night when the sniffling stopped, and then Friday it was pretty much gone. Weird. I usually find a cold grabs me for 7-10 days once it has hit. Glad this one didn't. Who has time for that?!


We started handwriting this week. This is a greatly anticipated event in grade 3. And just as the previous years, these kids were totally into it. We started on Friday, the day we also have Free Friday (15 minuts to do whatever you want). We were running out of time Friday and I suggested we cut handwriting short so we couldn't miss Free Friday and I was met with a resounding, "No!" You know they love it when they don't want to stop to play!

Purple notes on my door

I have a sneaking suspicion it was a certain Grade 4 class who went around on Friday giving out unsigned notes with compliments and thank yous. Four of them appeared in my door. It warmed my heart!

Great news

One of my colleagues got some long awaited great news. I was so happy to hear things are coming together for her and her husband. It is wonderful to celebrate together!

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