Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Rock Star Status

Have you ever wondered what it's like to be a rock star? I think being a teacher is pretty close. It's always fun for my own children to see responses from kids from my school when we run into them outside of school. They're always surprised, often a little giddy, and always quite exuberant. How can a teacher not love it?!

Today was our first day back after the break. I had to miss the morning though for some extended PD. When I returned at lunch time I was surrounded by kids from my class who all had stories to share and questions to ask:

Mrs. Ackroyd, you're back! Where were you this morning?
Mrs. Ackroyd, do you like my hair cut?
Guess what Mrs. Ackroyd, I got two guinea pigs!
Mrs. Ackroyd, today for gym we had to have gym in our classroom because the gym had an emergency.
Mrs. Ackroyd I cleaned up the library corner.
Mrs. Ackroyd I finished my rough copy early, did you read it?
Mrs. Ackroyd, where were you this morning?
Mrs. Ackroyd, want to know what I got for Christmas?
Mrs. Ackroyd, do you know what books I took out of the library?
Mrs. Ackroyd, where were you this morning?
Mrs. Ackroyd, I finished the book club book!
Mrs. Ackroyd, I forgot the book club book at school.
Mrs. Ackroyd, I don't celebrate Christmas so I didn't get any presents.
Mrs. Ackroyd, where were you this morning?

Pretty soon I answered all the questions and listened to all the stories, and everyone settled into quiet reading time. I sat down in my desk and just had to smile about how much I like these kids. They've worked their way into my heart, that's for sure!

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