Friday, April 18, 2014

Reading Snob?

I met someone this week who has an undergrad degree and a masters degree in reading. When I heard that this was her background I perked up. A kindred spirit! I was totally deflated when she soon informed me that she really doesn't like to read books though. "I just don't have the attention span," she matter of factly stated.

How can someone teach kids to read, do interventions with those struggling with reading, and inspire kids to read more not be a reader? She really caused me to stop and think.

Her justification was that kids who struggle with reading need to get the skills they need to deal with the informational text they encounter each day. If that can be accomplished, it is a win. And that is all she is concerned about when it comes to reading.

Is it?
Does everyone need to be a reader?
I feel like I am a bit of a reading missionary. 
Maybe I should be less of a zealot??

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