Saturday, April 26, 2014

Fernie Library

This weekend we went to Fernie for a swim meet. I love to watch my kids swim. One thing I love about our annual trip to the Fernie meet is my kids spend the afternoon and evening hanging out with their friends, having a great time. They stroll the shops on Main Street, go out for bagels, stop by the candy store, play a little ultimate frisbee at the park, swim at the hotel and sometimes even watch a movie. They have plenty of friends and plenty to do. This means I have approximately eight or nine uninterrupted hours of solitude (translation: time to read and to write!)  I just have to make sure they are well fed and they are good to go. And then, so am I. Talk about bliss. Most of the parents hang out, have lots of laughs and gossip together and party it up. I sometimes join them, but now and then what a really need is to be a bit of a recluse. Today I was in my recluse phase. I finished reading The Shadow Throne. Then I explored a bit. 

Confession: I have a thing for libraries. On my computer, the screen saver scrolls through number of pictures of libraries that take my breath away. I dream of spending time in beautiful places like that. Today I found another one! I discovered the Fernie public library. I know. I will say it so you don't have to: I am such a nerd. 

What a beautiful building though!! It was open today from 1-5 pm. It was a beautiful place to spend the afternoon!!  It filled my bucket!

They had me with the arts and crafts style furniture.
Look at those beautiful wooden shelves, and the huge comfy arts and crafts style chairs.

Doors with glass windows. Everything was real wood.
Stairs leading to the metal fire escape.

The stairwell
The view from the stairwell on to the main floor.

I love that the floors and the carpet are well worn.

The kids area of the library. That little fort is made of books. They didn't even look that old or worn out.

Closer view of the amazing chairs.

A book quilt hanging on the wall. So amazing!!

And just like a good library should, it taught me a lot about Fernie. Amazing stories. I hope you can read them in these pics.

....I really should go see how my children are doing.
So long Fernie Public Library. You are a kindred spirit!!

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