Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Mini Book Club

One thing I love about book club is how, when they leave grade three, they continue to come back and talk about books.

Last year we read the great book, The False Prince. A couple of students let me know they went on to read the second book, in the series, The Runaway King. We chatted often to check in with each other to see if either of us had a copy the last book yet, The Shadow Throne. Today one of my students asked me if I had a copy yet (he has really wanted to read it before I read it) and I told him the funniest thing happened: I borrowed a copy from a friend AND a copy from the library came in - so now I have two copies! He was so excited and begged me to lend him my library copy.

How can I turn that down? We will start at the same time and discuss it after the Good Friday long weekend holiday.

I love it!

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