Friday, May 2, 2014

Cochlear Implants

We had such an interesting day! We had a presentation for our Hearing and Sound unit. We had someone talk to us about cochlear implants, about what it is like to be deaf and how delightful it is to hear again.

This is our guest showing us our cochlear implant. She had her surgery in November just this past year.

It was interesting to Students to watch someone sign and listen to someone who is speaking. Today her cochlear implant wasn't working. The battery was dead! 

This is the lady who came to interpret.

Our presenter could hear when she was born, but when she was a teenager she became deaf after being sick. She has not heard anything for 30 years. She said hearing again was very shocking.....and very exciting.

Some of our questions:

What does it feel like to be deaf?
How does the cochlear implant help you hear?
What is your favorite sound now?
What sounds do you not like? (Babies is a very high pitch and it hurts)
Why do you make sounds when you are signing?
What languages do you speak?
Were you sad when you became deaf?
How long have you been deaf?
Can you go swimming?
Are you used to wearing the implant?
Does someone have to stay with you to help you?
If someone screams in your ear how come you still can't hear it?
Will you ever become undeaf?

Question to her son: 
When your mom is deaf can you sneak things easier?

Just like last year, the children really have a hard time getting the idea about what it means to be deaf. They often ask the same question again and again: well could you hear someone scream? Can you hear us clap? Could you hear a fire alarm? Perhaps it's because we don't often meet deaf people. Not sure. It is really a difficult concept for them!

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