Friday, May 23, 2014

Operation Save the Caterpillars!

As part of our animal life cycles unit, we raise butterflies in my classroom. We order caterpillars from a place in BC and make daily observations as they change. For some reason, this year, a lot of our caterpillars made their cocoons and then fell off the lid of the jar they were in.

Today I had a volunteer in the classroom and I asked her to transfer all the cocoons from the little jars into our terrarium. We talked about how odd and sad it was that so many had fallen. I figured there was no hope for them.

Not so!! My amazing volunteer came up with a plan. She tied a string around the tip of each cocoon and hung them from the terrarium.

I never imagined so much effort going to saving our caterpillars.

Good thing for volunteers!! They make our school a better place, and clearly make this a better place for caterpillars!!

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