Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Digital Citizenship

Sometimes the kids are smarter than me on these things.

Today we were talking about animal life cycles and how animals care for their young. Some animals look after their young, and some animals, like reptiles, lay eggs and never see them again. As we were talking about mammals and how they nurse their young, one of my students got thinking (you could see the wheels whirring!), and said, “If male mammals don’t help care for their young, why do males have nipples?”

I commented that that was a great question and said perhaps he could take on the assignment to find out for us.


He said to me, “Actually, Mrs. Ackroyd, I’m not allowed to google nipples because all sorts of bad stuff will show up.”


Oh ya. Oops!!


I’ll take that one on J
.....And in case you're interested. You can read here to find out why men have nipples.

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