Friday, February 6, 2015

Early Dismissal Days

Last year our school district decided to start having Early Dismissal days. My children have had early dismissals and I must confess, I thought it was filled with easy afternoons for teachers: extra time to catch up and get ready for the next week.

Maybe it is for some, but it sure isn't for us! We seem to have more meetings and more PD jammed into our early dismissal days than I ever imagined could be possible. They are busy days.

For some reason, we also seem to jam extra stuff into the mornings with students on early dismissal days. There certainly not days to miss!

Today we had a spell-a-thon, did a comic life project, traded Artist Trading Cards, had gym and even had a little time for "Free Friday"! I'm exhausted!

It's a good kind of exhaustion though. My professional growth plan this year was to implement the strategies taught in Kagan and CHAMPs more effectively. I'm learning to have quick transitions and better classroom management and the amount we accomplish in a day is increasing as my students and I get better at it all.

Who am I kidding. Early Dismissal days aren't the only jam packed days!



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