Saturday, September 27, 2014

Improving Reading Comprehension

Sometimes parents worry when their kids doesn't seem to enjoy or don't seem to comprehend the things that they read. I believe reading should be natural and enjoyable. If your child doesn't enjoy reading the best thing to do is to read with them. Snuggle up, make it special time. If they don't want to read to you, don't fuss. Read to them. Read chapter books together. Encourage them to take the book to school and read a chapter during DEAR time at school and read that chapter on your own. Talk about it later in the day and compare notes. Talking about it should be natural and fun.

"Were you surprised when...."
"My favorite part was...."
"Why do you think..."

They don't need to be grilled on what they read.

Think about how it is when you go to a movie. You don't say, "Okay, re-tell the move in your own words." Instead you talk about what your favorite parts were, how sad you were when something happened or how funny something else was.

That's how we should talk about books. Reading doesn't always have to be an academic and assessment riddled experience.

Did I mention that if your child doesn't like reading, you need to make a concerted effort to read with them? It is critical!

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