Thursday, October 9, 2014

A New Book Buzz is About!

We have ran a grade three book club at ou school for a number of years. We usually have around 40 kids who attend. It is loads of fun! When they move on to grade four they often mention that they really miss book club. It kills me! I would run a grade four club, except that I feel pretty maxed out.

This summer I ran into a fun idea called Battle of the Books. I brought it up with the grade four teachers and they decided to go for it. We have a group if teachers that met and we picked five books. The kids are to get into groups of four or five and read the books. Then in March we will have a Battle of the Books evening where we will be tested on our knowledge of the books. The kid are very excited about it. They have to find their own teacher sponsor so as they ran around today talking to teachers it was quite entertaining. 

I have a group already. We are going to get an Edmodo group going and get to work very soon. Let the reading begin!!!

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