Tuesday, February 18, 2014


I have taken a few Kagan workshops and always have to shake my head at myself when I am amazed again at how well it works. Kagan is about keeping kids engaged. Numbered Heads Together is a great way to do that. We used it today to review the concepts we have learned about in our last science unit.

I created a list of questions. The program has all sorts of bells and whistles with music and sounds. You can do it without the program, but it sure makes it more fun to use it. I tell the kids it is a game show.

First, a question is posed.

Everyone gets think time to write down their own answer on a white board. This student is responding to the question: What does a beam bridge look like?

After think time everyone in the group compares their answer. If someone has a different answer they discuss and teach each other what it should be. Anyone can change their answer.

Then one person from each group shares their answer. 

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