Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Wild Readers

I am not sure how I came across Donalyn Miller. It may have been that I started following the blog she started called The Nerdy Book Club. When I read what she wrote it struck a chord with me. I bought her book, The Book Whisperer and ate it up. Later, I did the same thing with her second book, Wild Readers. I was more than thrilled when I discovered that others in my school district had also discovered her work and were studying it. This year all the elementary schools in our school district began studying this topic. Our first PD days were dedicated to this topic. Yesterday my grade level team spent an hour and a half with Patti, an expert FFCA hired to help us work on issues specific to our grade. It was inspiring to spend time with her. She was chalk full of ideas. She seems to know our Open Court program well and appreciates the good in it and had great ideas for building on it. I left totally inspire and ready to try some of her suggestions. 

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