Friday, May 1, 2015

Writing In The New Age

We are working on a new writing project. We have a short deadline, so I decided we would try doing our writing in Word to save having to do a rough copy and a good copy and to make editing easier. I made a template with all the parts of the story we have learned through Barbara Mariconda writing. They then worked on their own stories.

There was some serious teaching going on! We learned how to use word suggestion (no more, "Mrs. Ackroyd, how do you spell....), what the red squiggly lines mean ( there is a word there to correct), how to use the undo button to get back mistakenly deleted work, to save every few minutes (we used a timer to remind ourself), what the save icon even is (did you know none of the have ever even seen a floppy disk??), that you need to put a space after punctuation, green squiggly lines reminded us to put capitals in some places, how to save your own version of a document, and more!!

It was an incredible day of learning!

This was the timer tool we used. Every 5 minutes it would ring and remind us to save what we had written so far.

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