Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Geoboard Apps

I know manipulatives are important. I really should use them more in math.

Do you know the madness of it though?!

Little plastic shapes on the floor, on the desks, everywhere!!
Ta gram pieces missing. Who's missing a rhombus?! Who!
Broken elastics on geoboards. Snap! Owwwww!
We are not playing with lego. We are showing tens and ones.

Sometimes I just can't take it and back to pencil and paper we go.

Today we we're supposed to use geoboards. I remembered that we had an app for that. What a difference it made!! The kids were really keen to use them. I didn't even show them how to use the app. They played around and figured it out quickly. They had a challenge question to solve. I quickly showed them how to take a screen shot and airdrop their solution to me. 

It was amazing! 

Yea for technology! It makes life better, for sure.

The challenge we were trying to solve was to make a bigger triangle out of two triangles and a square. We couldn't do it with flat shapes yesterday - but we figured it out on the geoboards today!

nope. Not quite right.

Uh, you have to use elastics, not draw.

You got it!!
Another answer!

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