Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Expediting Learning With Technology

Today we worked on solving riddles* with number lines. This was the riddle today:

A messenger pigeon flies 3 km in an hour.

How long will it take this pigeon to carry a letter to a person who lives 21 km away from the sender?

The pigeon sets out at 1:00 pm. When will it reach the addressee?  

I have been trying to find ways for students to find errors. This problem was tricky for us. Some students said the pigeon would arrive at 6:00, some said 7:00 and others said 8:00.

I took a picture with my iPad of the work with students who got different answers. I projected the pictures on the SMART board and had students talk with their shoulder partner about where the student went wrong.

The discussions were amazing! 

*(We have taken to calling word problems riddles. It is much more fun that way!)

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