Monday, January 5, 2015

PD With Kathy Schrock

Time to get back at it!!

We started our back to school with a PD day with Kathy Shrock. I attended all of her sessions and got a wealth of ideas! I am excited to try a few of them with my students. I was amazed at Kathy's website prior to the event. You name it, she has a link or an idea for it. She was equally impressive in person. She has experience in so many aspects of technology in the classroom and has a great way of presenting. Many of her ideas were preceded with "you do this already" and then followed with "here is how you could use technology to do that". It was amazing!

One of the things she discussed was the SAMR model. She mentioned that she had a hard time coming up with ideas in the "redefinition" category (new ideas and activities previously inconceivable). While we were at lunch my colleagues and I talked about this and realized that our experiences with authors on twitter and skyping were definitely something that wasn't possible in the past. She was so gracious in her reply. I commented that our next book was by an author who is dead and that our student's were disappointed we can't skype with him. I jokingly said that we are now discussing whether or not there is a way to tweet the dead and asked if there is an app for that. She replied with an idea!! She said that people do tweet in character and perhaps we could see if there is an account for the author.

It's true - what we can do with technology is only limited by what we can conceive!

One year ago we had a Tech PD session with George Couros. I would say my big take away from last year was Twitter and blogging.  I have found many ways to use both in the classroom and have quite enjoyed the learning curve.

I need to pick one or two things from Kathy's sessions and start to implement that in my classroom. What to pick? What to pick?

Actually, I might not be ready to make a decision yet. Tomorrow I get one more morning with her. We will see what other exciting things she will share!

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