Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Prison Sentence

In our school kids get homework every day.

I know. I know. 
Lots of people could go on about why kids don't need homework.
Our philosophy is that it needs to be something they can do independently and should take 20-30 minutes. No big deal.

This past week we have had less homework because we have been having swimming lessons. It has caused us to change our schedule s bit and cut out some things. As a result, there has been a lighter load when it comes to homework.

Today I did to them, "I hope you have enjoyed this week because next week we are back to our routine."

One of my clever children blurted out, "Oh man! It feels like when you are finally out of jail and then someone sends you back again."

What??? Are you speaking from personal experience here, my dear??  LOL

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