Saturday, November 29, 2014

Celebrate This Week

Check out for links to more great posts in what happened in the world of education this week.

It has been a wonderful week. My students are really getting into the swing of reading accountability. Most of them have a chapter book going every week. They no longer balk at writing about what they are reading. They are sharing books with one another. They are excited about book draws. It warms heart!!

We had a wonderful book club discussion this week. I wrote about it in the post should go on our schools new blog soon. We did a Skype type visit with another FFCA campus. It was a good learning experience. I can't wait to try it again!! I am really excited about our next book mostly because I was able to connect with the author on Twitter. I can't wait to have my students tweet her as they're reading all through the month.

One of my grade level teacher friends told me about a conversation she had with a parent. They said they've always battled with their son about reading at home. Since he has joined great three bookclub, he is excited about reading and they don't don't fight about him reading anymore! They are big fans of book club! Yea!! That warmed my heart! 

We had a really fun day with the high school. They came and did a 'commercial' for the musical they are performing. At the same time I was working in our classroom newsletter and included some information about the play. I googled articles about the value of theatre for children. It was quite inspiring. I am so glad that I work at a school that values the arts.

Friday was a PD day. I love PD days. This week we stayed at our own campus for PD. We were very busy all day discussing and reflecting on our new report card format, learning about iPads, planning for character lessons...and best of all, leaning from each other. We went from classroom to classroom and each teacher shared a best practice. What a brilliant bunch I work with. It was truly inspiring.

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