Monday, June 23, 2014

Transition Videos

We made transition videos today. Students planned what they would say by writing in their journals. They used sentence starters that we put on the smart board as a basis and added other details they felt were important.

It was a great exercise to think about how we learn best. We talked about the things that it took me some time to figure out about students in our class. We also discussed what things are special about us. Some of us think a lot before we talk, some think while they are talking. One student said he learned this year that he learned that some people think he is arguing when he really thinks he is just telling someone his ideas. One student said he is trying to learn more English vocabulary and wanted his teacher to know that sometimes English is difficult for him. They talked about what they liked best about school in gr. 3 and what they hope for next year.

This is going to be a real great tool for teachers next year! Now I just need to get the teacher's of the students I will have next year to do this too!

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