Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Reading Celebration

After Spring Break, we set a goal in in our class to read 160 books before the end of the school year. To do that, each student would have to read a chapter book each week.
We reached our goal, with three weeks of school left! We plan to keep going and see how far past the goal we can get. However, in the meantime, we really needed to celebrate! When we set the goal, the students said they wanted to have a potluck. We just finished doing a novel study, Stuart Little. We decided to combine out pot luck with watching the movie, Stuart Little. 
We had a fabulous celebration today. Everyone was very excited to tell others in the school about our accomplishment. 

The students all wore labels that said things like:


·         Ask me why I love the number 160.

·         Did you know that some people thought we couldn’t do it?

·         Ask me how we reached our reading goal in 3A!

·         Ask me how many books our class read since Spring Break!


Our assistant principal stopped by in the morning during our spelling test and we shared our news with her. She was stunned…and made sure she stopped by for the party. Some of the children even went to our principal's office later in the day on their own to tell her about our accomplishment. She came to our celebration and brought BIG stickers for everyone and told them how proud she is of them. It caused their chests to swell with pride!

I'm so proud of our parents for the support they give with reading at home. Their encouragement and support really makes a big difference. They are becoming fabulous readers! I’m very proud of them.

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