Sunday, December 15, 2013

Things I Loved About This Week

Seems like a great weekly reflection tool, and a great addition to my blog! Thanks for the idea Ruth Ayres!

This was really a fun week. We spent Monday and Tuesday at the ski hill. It was a relaxing couple of days, full of visiting and a little bit of (i.e. not quite enough!) marking.

It is really interesting to see my students in a different environment as well. They had a great time and were totally exhausted by the end! There is nothing better than a worn out kid, if you ask me. It means it was a day well spent!

On Thursday we got to go to the high school and watch their production of The Little Mermaid. The play was terrific. I sat by a little girl who knew every song and sang right along with them. She swooned over the Prince and cowered from Ursula. It was so fun! 

Somehow, before the play started, I ended up on the stage, singing. 

How do I get myself in these messes?!

One of my favourite things about Thursday was the bus ride. I told my kids one of the best things about bus rides is the reading time. We decided to all pick a Babymouse book to read. Some kids even finished a whole Babymouse, then traded and read another. It warmed my teacher heart!!

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