Monday, December 16, 2013

I'm truly blessed to work amongst some amazing people. We had a staff Christmas party this weekend. It is wonderful to work with people who you truly enjoy visiting with and having good laughs with.

I've worked at a number of different places in my life. It's a wonderful thing when you work somewhere where there's magic. When I first started scheduling I worked for a young start up company. They were doing revolutionary things in the mystery shopping world through the internet. It was exciting, the learning curve was steep, and everyone was excited about where we were going.

Then, some big company came along and wanted to buy us up. The leaders of our company succumbed to the big $$ being offered. Who could blame them. We hoped nothing would change. It did. The magic was soon gone.

The school I now work at has magic. Teachers are positive. They enjoy working there and are eager learners and leaders. Parents are perhaps the school's biggest fans. The administration allows for and encourages individual leadership. There's room to grow and learn and try new things. It's a wonderful place to work.

Do you enjoy the people you work with?

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