Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Appreciated Accolades

Sometimes you wonder if all the work you do makes any difference. It's so nice to get emails like this now and then:

Hi Everyone,

We wanted to thank you all so much for your participation in the Book Battle for the past few months! 

We can’t explain to you how much impact this has had on [our daughter's] reading and even the rest of our family reading time.  We have enjoyed all the books that were chosen and love to see the excitement in our daughter’s face.

When I  was growing up I did not read and thought I didn’t like it.  I think it is because I didn’t have the right people to show me how to embrace reading.  Since grade 3 (book club) [our daughter] has become such a passionate reader and we thank you ALL for your influence on her passion for reading now.

Thanks AGAIN for going above and beyond!

The truth is, I'd keep doing this stuff even without the lovely pats on the head. I love it. It is so great to hear the parent's perspective though. The more I read about the importance of reading and the more I see it make a difference in kid's lives the more motivated I get to put work into it. The bonus is that it's really fun too.

The Battle of the Books night was interesting. Truthfully, if I had to do the questions they had I wouldn't have done very well. I'm not good at remembering details from books, especially way after the fact. It's interesting to see what sticks with certain people though.

Bottom line is: I love the feeling of a story. I get lost in it. I guess whne it's over it leave me and I move on to the next one! LOL

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